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 About Ron Nussbaum

Ron Nussbaum is a dynamic and visionary leader, driven by a relentless commitment to innovation and progress. With diverse experiences spanning the Marine Corps, construction, and software with over a 15 years in various leadership, entrepreneur, and professional roles, Ron has solidified his position as a catalyst for change. As the host of Construction Champions Podcast and the Founder/CEO of BuilderComs, Ron's mission is to challenge traditional norms and embrace innovation in construction. His unwavering dedication to progress is reshaping mindsets and inspiring others to overcome challenges. 

Ron and wife

Husband and Father

Ron and his family savor moments together, relishing life to its fullest. Married to Stephanie since 2008, they've built a life filled with love and shared adventures. In 2018, their world was graced by the arrival of their son, Cash, adding an extra layer of joy to their journey.

2/2 Golf Co.

United States Marine

Ron Nussbaum embodies the core values of the Marine Corps, having served as an Infantry Rifleman with honor and dedication. His journey includes one deployment to Iraq, where he exemplified resilience and courage. Ron approaches life with the same unwavering determination and discipline instilled by the Marine Corps, channeling these principles into his professional endeavors, personal growth, and family life.

BuilderComs Logos


Ron Nussbaum's vision led to the founding of BuilderComs, a venture born from a deep understanding of the construction industry's needs. With relentless dedication, Ron and his team worked tirelessly to bring to market the go-to communication platform for residential construction companies in 2023.

Construction Champions Podcast Logo

Construction Champions Podcast

Construction Champions Podcast, where the residential construction industry comes to life. Ron engages in captivating conversations with leaders, builders, contractors, thought leaders, and visionaries who are committed to reshaping the industry. We're proud to share that in 2023, we ranked #13 on Feedspot's list of the top 90 construction podcasts

Buying For Exit Book


Discover Ron Nussbaum's insights into successful business purchases in his book, "Buying For Exit." Drawing from his own experience of buying and selling a cleaning company for 5X its value in less than 12 months, Ron outlines the five essential ingredients for a thriving business purchase.

What Are People Saying About Ron

"Ron's commitment to serving others, and helping folks grow, shines in every interaction I've had with him. He's a wealth of knowledge in many areas of entrepreneurship and leadership."

Larry Broughton

Award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author

"Ron is super knowledgeable and well-versed in his field. He's connected, driven, passionate, and a problem-solver. He's got a wonderful strategic outlook and willing to put in the tactical work to get things done. I would highly recommend Ron!"

Natasha L. Burnett

Founder GoldPhire, Inc

"Ron has a passion to bring excellence into the world of contractors and those who need them. He knows that communication is key and makes that the standard for those he works with. "

Karyl A Smith


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